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Increase your revenue by selling cryptocurrency -- without the hassle!
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Sell Cryptocurrency at Your Store

Selling cryptocurrency at your store has never been easier! Just buy a card pack from us at discounted price, display, sell and activate ... we will take care of the rest!

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Buy a card pack from us at a discounted price

Display and Sell

Display the cards at your favorite stand, and keep selling!


Activate the card at the point of sale using our Mercant Web Application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Profit depends on the sale price of the card. If you sell the $50 gift card at the suggested retail price of $59.95, the gross profit is $2.45, or 4.2% of your cost.

If you already have a license to sell money instruments or money transfers (like Western Union), there is no need to get a special license for selling our cards. Otherwise, you will need to check with your state licensing authorities on whether licensing is needed for selling crypto gift cards.

Currently, cards are sold in denominations of US$50, US$100 and US$250.